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American Seal Supply Company

We are a supplier of quality Fluid Seals, Packing and replacement parts. In business since 1981 Fluid Seals, Packing and Repair Kits is our main business. We are well versed in domestic (USA) and foreign seal designs for applications in metric and inch sizes. We also supply custom made and hard to find seals as a regular part of our business. If you have a challenging application, or a hard to find seal, we would be happy to give you a quote or recommendation, please feel free to contact us.

Who We Serve

We supply O.E.M's., Distributors, Dealers and M.R.O. Departments. Some of our customers include: Fluid Power Distributors, Bearing and Power Transmission Distributors, Hydraulic Equipment Repair, Fluid Power Manufacturers, Industrial Equipment Manufacturers, Marine & Industrial Supply Companies, Hose and Fitting Distributors, Seal, Gasket and Packing Distributors, Contractors, Government Agencies, Fishing, Marine and Construction Industry and the general public via the internet. 

What We Do

We supply sealing solutions and replacement parts. We market and sell our products via catalog, telephone, fax, mail order and the internet. We also accept samples to match along with pictures and drawings. 

Client Service

We promise to have the specialized technical knowledge to analyze your data and determine the proper seal or part for your application. We promise to do our best to locate and deliver that solution according to your needs. We value our relationship with you and we know that if we satisfy your needs we will have an opportunity to serve you in the future. We consider a mutual relationship with you to be our most valuable asset. Without You we would be moot. Thank you for your support and interest in our company.

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