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CAP-PDF-40 FACE FITTING PLUG-0.25 OD PLUG(25) 0.34 0.31 Add to Cart
CAP-PDF-60 FACE FITTING PLUG-0.37 OD PLUG(25) 0.30 0.27 Add to Cart
CAP-PDF-80 FACE FITTING PLUG-0.50 OD PLUG(25) 0.34 0.31 Add to Cart
CAP-PDF-100 FACE FITTING PLUG-0.62 OD PLUG(20) 0.36 0.32 Add to Cart
CAP-PDF-120 FACE FITTING PLUG-0.75 OD PLUG(20) 0.43 0.39 Add to Cart
CAP-PDF-160 FACE FITTING PLUG-1.00 OD PLUG(10) 1.95 1.76 Add to Cart

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