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SFS-12 SFS-901.255X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 2.63 2.37 Add to Cart
SFS-16 SFS-901.565X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 2.98 2.68 Add to Cart
SFS-20 SFS-901.755X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 3.23 2.91 Add to Cart
SFS-24 SFS-902.125X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 3.44 3.10 Add to Cart
SFS-32 SFS-902.5X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 4.22 3.80 Add to Cart
SFS-40 SFS-903.005X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 5.18 4.66 Add to Cart
SFS-48 SFS-903.625X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 6.62 5.96 Add to Cart
SFS-8 SFS-901.005X0.13X0.115-C/S FLANGE SEAL 2.50 2.25 Add to Cart

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